Technical Consultants and Film Advisors

Technical Consultants and Film Advisors

As Technical Consultants and Film Advisors, We speak with the authority that comes only through extended personal exposure to the latest technology. Our background is intellectual property development and technology strategy development for Fortune 500 software companies. With experience in hundreds of patent cases, including satellite imaging & surveillance, communication surveillance, speech recognition, mobile location monitoring, mobile communication, etc. We have an unmatched knowledge of the latest technology and trends for most technical themes. Further,  We know how to spot the novice mistakes, the dated technologies, and the "Google search result" feel that your production may have. Below are some of the key areas that highlight our subject matter expertise. We invite you to give us a call and see how we can help with your next project.


Technology Areas

Hacking - Satellite Imaging - Satellite Surveillance - Automatic Speech Recognition - Automated Assistants - Call Recording & Surveillance - Big Data - Intelligent Call Routing - Linux - Commodore - Programming - Electronic Devices - Algorithmic Trading - Virtual Assistants - Social Networks - Anti-Terrorism -  Cloud Computing - Unified Communication - Wireless Communications..... and more.



Gustavo Marin  
Technical Consultant & Film Advisor
2055 Commercial Dr. Suite 333
Vancouver, BC V5N 0C7
t: (778) 785-0257
s: gmdmarin

Don't let your production look like a Google search result